All Credit To Batya

Having left UWC, I’ve decided to share a beautiful poem written by my good friend Batya. Certainly recent UWC alumni, and others, will appreciate Batya’s words. Enjoy.


If you pump enough caffeine through your veins it starts to seep out through your fingertips

2:46 is bedtime
I switch off the fluorescent screens and open my windows. The moths only stop by for a visit when there’s light in my room.
I look out and see the light still on in the corridor opposite mine. Third room from the end. Solidarity to you, whomever you are.
In the distance there are orange clouds pressed against the no longer pitch black sky. If you look at it for long enough you can see the lightning over the smeared horizon.
This one time we were hiking in the dark because we got lost after sunset and Wouter told us about degrees of darkness. It has to do with your position on the earth and its relation to the sun.
Sometimes we can go days without seeing a clear sky. These are the same days that the internet fails us. Completely. It’s called Prehistory.
Tonight, I don’t know where home is.

for two years I’ve strung people from places together

and called myself nomad.
Tomorrow we will go to places where the degrees of darkness separate us

We will be far

and I will be homesick.
– Batya Globerman (WK 2015 – 2015, Costa Rica)

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