An Exciting end to an Eventful Term

Once again, it’s time to say goodbye to Waterford and Swaziland for a while, and head north. I am glad to take a break; however, I will still pay attention to especially one happening in this Kingdom, over the holidays. Kwakha Indvodza, the first project sponsored by BOOST.

Kwakha Indvodza aims to provide personal and professional mentoring to young Swazi boys and men who have grown up in the absence of positive male role models. The organization is the first of its kind in a country that struggles with the highest prevalence of HIV and Tuberculosis in the world as well as a high rate of child-headed households.

With an ever growing presence of 50+ boys and 20+ mentors in the program, Kwakha Indvodza needs more support to grow its program and continue providing impactful mentoring to young Swazis.

We’re thrilled and proud to say that our tuck-shop in hostel has been fruitful enough that we can now make a substantial contribution to this organization. Over the holiday, Kwakha Indvodza is aiming to take over fifty teenagers and young men through internship programs in businesses in Swaziland, empowering them to enter the job market.

I will make sure to update you on the results of this program, as soon as we receive reports from the organization. To make a donation to Kwakha Indvodza, or to read more about what they do, click here.

Now it’s time for some rest, after which academic assessments and an extended essay outline await (…).

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