Africa Week at Waterford KaMhlaba

From Wednesday till Sunday last week, Waterford was filled with panel debates, concerts, sports and more in relation to the school’s Africa Week. With visitors from near and far, including executives from UWC, the UN, the African Union, Standard Bank Swaziland and more, this week was truly a success.

The week’s aim was to put African culture in the spotlight, as well as focusing on the debated topic “Africa Rising”. It is important to get different perspectives when is comes to topics like these, and we surely did, during Africa Week. Whilst economic growth has been good (4.4 % annual average growth rate in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past two decades- World Bank) the continent is still struggling, to degrees depending on the area, with HIV and Aids, low levels of education (however rising), socioeconomic inequality and political instability. Another debated topic was, and will continue to be, the existence and influence of neocolonialism in post colonial African countries. From this we can derive the question of whether or not the multiplier effect of the inflow of private capital from overseas is actually doing local economies a favour, or if this simply secures the interests of foreign investors and their portfolio diversifications.


Close attention was payed, as Birhanu presented on his home country, Ethiopia, at an In-Focus session


Teammates enjoying the football tournament, kicking off Africa Week Wednesday morning!

IMG_2247IMG_2301The school, and especially Mr. Wekesa, did an amazing job organising this week. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

I believe more photos will be uploaded to soon 🙂


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