A Culture for Initiative

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It’s been a couple of months since I launched, together with Sameen and Ryan, my first community service initiative and business at Waterford; BOOST.

We’re essentially operating a tuck shop from an empty room in Emhlabeni. People can buy all sorts of snacks and drinks, ranging from chewing gum to noodles and flavored water. So far, the response has been great, and it seems like people are appreciating the business. We’ll probably look for some healthier alternatives to sell, as well, and see how that goes. We’re in the process of moving to Elangeni, and hopefully also to other hostels in the school. 100% of our proceeds go to specific community service initiatives  in Swaziland.

One thought on “A Culture for Initiative

  1. ideally a good initiative ,but will their brains thrive on this food ? Hmmmm ,so find some more healthy food as well and good luck with your business which is brilliant where money coming in will be distributed where its needed !!!!! xxxx Mimi

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