How to Survive Your UWC Interview

A lot of UWC applicants are about to be interviewed by their national committees. Here are some tips that might help you out!

Be sure of why you’re applying, and structure your thoughts effectively. Making a short list, or talking to someone like your parents or friends about why you’re applying will encourage some healthy thinking here. By clearly and honestly arguing or at least explaining why you want to attend a UWC, not only will you seem convincing, you’ll also give the national committee information about you that makes it easier for them to place you into the UWC best suited for you. Trust me, they’re not all the same, and that’s a good thing.

Don’t be scared to speak about yourself. You can easily be a little self-centered without  coming off as pretentious. After all, this interview is about you. I prepared by looking through all sorts of political, economic and social issues and news, and was taken aback when the committee asked me to simply tell them about myself.

Most people I’ve talked to felt that the interview went badly, so if it doesn’t go entirely as you would have liked, don’t worry. The important thing is to know the simple stuff, know yourself. Other than that, there’s not really much you can do. So put on a big smile, crack a joke or two (if you can), and hope for the best. Remember that there is a reason why they picked you for the interviews, and not someone else. They do like you, at least a little bit, already.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “How to Survive Your UWC Interview

  1. I wish I read this before my interview. But naturally my interview went pretty close to how you described. I think this is a great resource!

    • Thanx Markus that really helped.I’m going for my intevew in March for year 7 so I got really scared but I wanted to ask in the intevew is their no maths or they just ask you questions😯

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