Our First Days in the Kingdom

After about thirty hours of traveling we finally arrived in Mbabane, Swaziland on Friday. We’re currently staying with our Norwegian second year Lise’s link family, and we feel right at home!



Yesterday we went to a waterfall with a second and a third years of ours, Samantha and Joanna from Swaziland, and our co-year Batya from Costa Rica. It was great to see some more of this beautiful kingdom. We even went swimming!



Later that night we stayed at Lise’s link family for braai (barbecue) with friends of the family. After that went to the Albert Millin, a local bar, where we met other students from Waterford, and we had a blast! If you ever go, try their food, you will not regret it one bit, just saying.

For now, we’re hanging out in the sun and eating watermelon. Life is good.


IMG_0090IMG_0097Tomorrow we’re heading over to the school to get started with orientation week!

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  1. Håper du får det supert! Skal sende søknaden om en uke nå, og er veldig spent 🙂 Gleder meg til å følge med videre på bloggen din!

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