UWC Applicants: Leverage Social Media!

Heads up, UWC applicants! Social media can be of great help both during and following your application process! Obtaining information about the colleges and connecting with fellow applicants, current students and alumni is easier than ever.

Even before the beginning of the application process, there are plenty of UWC applications Facebook groups. These are useful for asking questions and potentially talking to literally hundreds of likeminded people.

After receiving the brown paper envelope containing my letter of acceptance to Waterford, I quickly got in contact with some of my classmates to-be. We made groups on Facebook and Skyped a bunch. Sharing in this excitement can be a beautiful thing.

Lastly, Youtube is becoming increasingly useful. There are plenty of videos out there about the different schools, which might help you make your mind up about your top choices. Not to mention blogs, like this one – I know it all helped me!

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